TechSite Services

commissioningTechSite's commissioning service is designed to insure that the Infrastructure Support Systems will achieve the design specifications of the mission critical systems. We provide coordination and testing of new equipment prior to placing mission critical loads on the systems. In many cases the new systems being tested are part of an existing mission critical facility upgrade, in which case careful planning and detailed Method of Procedures need to be written and implemented. Some of the items for consideration during a start-up are as follows:

  • How can test be performed without risking existing loads?
  • What are the expected results from the infrastructure?
  • What type of loads and equipment are required to fully test systems?
  • How do the electrical & mechanical systems relate to each other?
  • How long is reasonable for the test?
  • What are each sub-contractor's tasks & how are they coordinated to reduce the time required for the tests?

After the initial commissioning, TechSite provides an annual testing and outage simulation service. This service is particularly important for a TIER IV redundant data center. A detailed method of procedure is prepared to systematically take each side of a dual bus off-line to insure that redundancy is intact. Additionally, load bank and performance testing is repeated annually to verify the reliability of the systems.

TechSite's team of engineers and project managers are experts in providing answers to these important questions. TechSite's goal is to deliver confidence and peace of mind that the systems will provide the facility with the reliability expected.