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Corporate One Credit Union

TechSite performed a site audit of the existing 1,600 sq.ft. facility to determine the how to increase the cooling and UPS Capacity. TechSite's Site Audit reviewed existing UPS and Cooling capacity concerns and detailed the existing configuration of the data rooms and the related environmental and power infrastructures. TechSite utilized information from the site audit and Corporate One's potential server growth to prepare conceptual plans and budgets options to address the concerns and growth. TechSite prepared the Construction Documents and provided a turnkey installation of a new 100 kVA / 80 kW UPS System, installation of new CRACs, remodel of existing layout, and rework of the power distribution. TechSite preformed the upgrades with no unplanned outages. TechSite continues to perform smaller project on an as-needed basis.

Corporate One Credit Union data center

TechSite is under contract to provide ongoing Preventative Maintenance (PM) services at two (2) of this client's sites. These services include negotiating and implementing contracts with service providers, producing a yearly PM service schedule, coordinating service vendor work through Method Of Procedure (MOP) documents with vendors and client, coordinating service windows with the client, verifying service vendor work quality, maintaining service documents and logs of emergency services, maintenance services, and open issues, analyzing service work and maintenance trends, reporting to the client on upcoming needs and infrastructure status, utilization, and sufficiency, advising the client on future growth needs, providing emergency procedures documents and responding to emergency situations, and provide the client with a single point of contact for all equipment PM.

TechSite was hired by Corporate One Federal Credit Union (Corporate One) to investigate the current HVAC system and its ability to meet space conditioning and outdoor air requirements for an expected increase in occupancy to the second floor Investments Area. During the single site visit, TechSite performed as-built drawing confirmation, set-point observation, and reviewed expected renovation drawings. Upon completion of the site investigation, outdoor air and cooling load calculations were performed and presented in a summary document along with recommendations for adjustments necessary to meet the new space demand.