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Advanced Drainage Systems

Service: Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., (ADS) was planning a move of their corporate headquarters to a facility that was being built for them. ADS was working with Pizutti Development Company, Inc; Exxcell Project Management, Glavan Feher Architects, Inc. as well as a number of other engineering and design companies to develop their new facility. TechSite walked ADS through the conceptual design phase to determine proper redundancy requirements versus budget and to determine the proper sizing of the critical power equipment. We were also retained to provide space plans and preliminary details to the Developer's design team. After completion of the conceptual design phase TechSite provided critical equipment budgets. TechSite was further retained to provide expertise in the detailed drawings on the monitoring, control and EPO systems. In addition we provided construction-monitoring services to verify the developer and contractors were meeting ADS requirements. TechSite is also providing for the final testing and start up of the systems as well as providing written preventative maintenance suggestions.

advanced drainage systems

TechSite is under contract to provide ongoing Preventative Maintenance (PM) services at this site. These services include negotiating and implementing contracts with service providers, producing a yearly PM service schedule, coordinating service vendor work through Method Of Procedure (MOP) documents with vendors and client, coordinating service windows with the client, verifying service vendor work quality, maintaining service documents and logs of emergency services, maintenance services, and open issues, analyzing service work and maintenance trends, reporting to the client on upcoming needs and infrastructure status, utilization, and sufficiency, advising the client on future growth needs, providing emergency procedures documents and responding to emergency situations, and provide the client with a single point of contact for all equipment PM.

TechSite has installed a monitoring system at its main data center and four other remote sites. This monitoring system monitors critical infrastructure equipment. As an added service, TechSite monitors all alarms and acts as the first responders. If a critical alarm occurs, TechSite responds to the alarm.