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Ohio Health

Organization: Ohio Health
Project Dates: October 2009 – Present

Service: OhioHealth had two communication hub rooms that were being protected by a wet sprinkler system. The IT Infrastructural staff wanted to provide more fire protection capacity to these two rooms. TechSite was hired to design and install FM-200 system in each of these rooms. During installation, TechSite supervised the sealing of the room. This included adding a new drop ceiling in one room, installing new door sweeps and seals, and sealing all penetrations into the rooms. TechSite  also supervised the installation of the FM-200 system. This included the tie in of the FM-200 systems to UPS and Air Conditioner shut downs, and to the building fire alarm system.

ohio health data center construction

Service: TechSite performed a Conceptual Design and Budgeting Services. The purpose of this Conceptual Design and Budgeting Service is to analyze options to upgrade the critical infrastructure. TechSite  prepared options to "push-pull" the existing UPS while keeping the data center on-line. TechSite's conceptual design explored implementation of a dual bus UPS system design concept. TechSite worked with-in Ohio Health's budget to provide flexible and scalable solutions that allowed a single bus system to be upgraded to dual bus in the future. TechSite  prepared CRAC options taking into account the latest concepts in data centers for hot aisle/cold aisle arrangements and adequate capacity to accommodate future hardware plans to assist Ohio Health.

TechSite  has provided complete turnkey implementation services for a number of the conceptual design options. We have completed the push-pull of the old UPS System to a newer larger UPS System with "No Downtime". Additionally, TechSite recently designed and implemented a major upgrade to the existing automatic transfer switches and main service entrance switchgear which was performed with no outage to critical systems. Currently, TechSite is in the construction administration phases of a project that entails replacing all of the older CRAC units in the main data center. TechSite has been hired to monitor the capacity growth and infrastructure planning of their data center.