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Emerson Electric

Organization: Emerson Electric
Project Dates: July 2007 – Present

Service: Emerson Electric hired TechSite to provide full turnkey design, construction, and commissioning services for their Iowa facility. The new data center was constructed in an existing building which housed the client's current data center. The new facility is a Tier 2 data center with 6,000 sq. ft. of raised floor at 100 watts per sq. ft. with room and infrastructure to expand to 12,000 sq. ft. of raised floor at 150 watts per sq. ft. Open office space and various support spaces were part of the scope. TechSite designed a new 750 ton chilled water plant including redundant chillers, cooling towers, and heat exchangers. Data center cooling was provided using traditional computer room air conditioners as well as high density supplemental cooling. Electrically, two redundant 2000kW medium voltage generators and paralleling gear were added, along with main tie main switchgear, new distribution switchboards, two redundant 750 kVA UPS modules, and matched pair PDUs. TechSite designed and installed new controls and BMS. Monitoring of the critical space was provided which also tied into the BMS.

emerson data center construction

Service: For their new data center in Missouri, Emerson Electric sought LEED certification and hired TechSite to serve as the Commissioning Authority. TEchSite developed a commissioning plan, conducted design reviews, coordinated meetings with the owner, owner's consultants, and owner's contractors, and performed verification testing. A final commissioning report was submitted and a ten month post completion review was conducted. Emerson was awarded the LEED Enhanced commissioning credit EAc3. In combination with numerous other credits the data center facility achieved LEED Gold Certification.

Service: Emerson Electric hired TechSite to provide a detailed data center site selection. The site selection process consisted of three phases: Design Criteria Development, Site Selection, and Site Audit. TechSite worked closely with Emerson during the design criteria development phase to create a documented set of criteria. These criteria included a combination of computer hardware requirements, Uptime Institute Tier Rating specifications, best practice design standards, and theoretical floor-plans. During the Site Selection phase, TechSite applied the prepared criteria to several existing locations that could potentially meet Emerson's needs. Finally a detailed Site Audit was performed only on sites which proved acceptable during the Site Selection analysis. TechSite visited these sites and analyzed the ability of each facility to meet the Design Criteria requirements. A final report which graded each site and included budgetary estimates was submitted to Emerson for final site selection.

Service: Emerson Electric hired TechSite to design and manage several projects that have improved one of their facilities. One of these projects involved removing a UPS feeding a data center, and placing it on another UPS system. This project was completed without any outages to the data center. Other projects included upgrading CRAC systems, installing new power distribution equipment, and upgrading the building fire alarm system.