Project Showcase

Organization: Ohio State University
Project Dates: November 2010 – Present

ohio-state-universityService: TECH SITE was hired by OSU to complete an analysis of the KRC and TNC Data Centers. The analysis looked for risks to the facilities, single points of failure, capacity of the infrastructure, and equipment lifecycle status. TECH SITE evaluated the electrical and mechanical systems to determine capacity, longevity, serviceability and functionality of the systems and the design.

In addition, TECH SITE reported on the architectural, security, flooring, HVAC, fire protection, critical power, grounding, utility power, and monitoring systems utilized in the building as they relate to the data center. TECH SITE completed an onsite analysis and prepared a prioritized list of improvements based on risk. In the case of the KRC facility, TECH SITE offered solutions based on immediate, short term, and long term time span taking equipment age and data center growth into account. For the TNC facility, TECH SITE offered solutions based on improving overall facility reliability and providing space for future growth. Conceptual budgets were created for all upgrade options to allow OSU to better plan the future of both data centers.