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TechSite Offers Hurricane Harvey Relief to Survivors in Houston

Ever since hurricane Harvey hit Houston at the end of August, the survivors have been doing all they can to pick up the pieces. The hurricane left behind a catastrophic amount of destruction, flooding, and devastation. TechSite teamed up to help collecting supplies with the hope that donated goods will provide some comfort and nourishment to the victims of this disaster.

“It was an extremely humbling experience that I will never forget,” Mike Ashton, project manager at TechSite. “There are so many who lost everything in their homes.” Mike and his father volunteered to help the hurricane disaster victims and bring the donated supplies from TechSite employees.

Mike explained that all supplies donated from the TechSite office would be able to help several families get a good start on the clean-up of their homes, city, and neighborhoods. They are calling Harvey a 500-year storm because of the severity of destruction he left behind.

TechSite’s sympathies go out to all those who have been so tragically affected. 

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