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TechSite - One of the Best Places to Work in 2017!

Where in Columbus Ohio is a great place to work? TechSite is one of the BEST places to work at!!! TechSite was recently named 6th Best Place to Work by Columbus Business First in the Micro Division (25 Employees and smaller). This is the 7th time out of the last 9 years that TechSite has made named a finalist (top 10 or better) for this award.

If our employees are this happy, just imagine what it's like being one of our customers! 

TechSite employees were surveyed this summer about working for TechSite. The results of this survey determined TechSite’s ranking. During the survey, “Challenging” was the word that best described the TechSite work environment.

Here are some of the comments TechSite employees said as part of the survey:

“The main focus of this company is on the customer and the employees serving the customer. They are both critical and required. You can't have happy customers if your employees are unhappy.”

“TechSite is the first company that I have worked for that truly is a team. Everywhere else said the companies were a team but that was certainly not the case. Here at TechSite we succeed together by being a team and helping each other whenever it is needed!”

“This is the perfect company for any up and comer to get a great start in the industry....... you can see it all here, from Maintenance to engineering to construction.. great platform to learn from. I work with the best in the industry, hands down!”

“I really enjoy working at TechSite. For a small company we have an awesome benefits package and you can really tell the organization is committed to its people. There are numerous wellness benefits and other ways the organization shows that it is invested in its people, and the wellness and happiness of each individual.”

“In my 35+ year work life, TechSite is the best job that I have ever had. There is a real sense of team and family. I know when I need help there will be someone there to help me. In the past several years, the company has shown their interest in employee health. There is a wellness reimbursement program where you can be reimbursed for gym memberships, race entry fees or athletic clothing. The company has bought everyone either Garmin of Fitbit activity monitors. From the information produced by those activity monitors, the company has monthly movement challenges. It you reach the monthly goal, you can earn a gift card. This past year the company has developed an incentive to help with rising health care costs. For every proactive health related thing you do (get a checkup, run a race, lower your BMI, see the dentist), you can earn points. Once you hit a certain threshold, the company will put $500 into your health savings account.”

If you are interested in a career at TechSite, visit our career page and submit your resume.

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