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Pharmaceutical Company Data Center Upgrade

TechSite recently performed a turnkey engineering design and installation for a Morgantown, WV company involving improvements to several aspects of their data center’s critical infrastructure. Hardware and software components were installed to provide infrastructure monitoring for a standby generator and automatic transfer switch. A data center grounding system was installed to provide proper grounding of the computer racks. TechSite also provided Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and a Breaker Coordination Study to increase safety and improve protective device selectivity in the event of a fault.

The mechanical cooling system was improved by adjusting the air flow through perforated floor tiles and installing return air grates above the computers and plenums on the Computer Room Air Conditioners to provide a higher return air temperature. The gaseous fire suppression system was upgraded to include the above-ceiling space as is required when it is used as a return air plenum.

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