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Integrated Systems Commissioning Project for LEED Silver Data Center

TechSite was the Commissioning Authority for a new 32,500 square foot data center in a 113,000 square foot facility being built in Northeastern Ohio. The intent for this project is to attain a LEED certification. TechSite worked with the Owner, Owner's Representative, Construction Manager and Building Contractors throughout the entire design and construction process, providing technical expertise...

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Do you want to have a Monday morning meeting with your company executives?

You have work planned in your data center over the weekend. You feel sure that nothing will go wrong. But just how confident are you? Are you willing to have a Monday morning meeting with your company executives to discuss who is to blame for an outage? A well thought out Method of Procedure (MOP) and a Risk Management Plan will help prevent those Monday morning meetings. Writing for monday...

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Securing Your Data Center

How do you control access into your data center? Can anyone walk in? Do visitors need to stay within the line of sight of their escorts? Those are two diverse standards for data center access control. More than likely, your needs fall somewhere in between these examples. When developing your data center access control plans, below are some of the items you need to consider. Personnel List: Who...

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