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Do you want to have a Monday morning meeting with your company executives?

You have work planned in your data center over the weekend. You feel sure that nothing will go wrong. But just how confident are you? Are you willing to have a Monday morning meeting with your company executives to discuss who is to blame for an outage? A well thought out Method of Procedure (MOP) and a Risk Management Plan will help prevent those Monday morning meetings.

Writing for monday blogIn planning your work, a MOP and a Risk Management Plan are essential. A detailed MOP covers every step that will happen. Line by line it states each action, and who is responsible for completing these tasks. The expected time and duration for each step is listed. The MOP will also highlight if certain steps can reduce the reliability of installed system or introduce conditions that can negatively impact operations.

Including a well thought out Risk Management Plan will reduce the likelihood of unexpected operational failures during a MOP implementation. The plan will also lists each task to be performed. It will list risks associated with the performance of each task. Control Measures to reduce risk will be identified. Any residual risks expected after the Control Measures are implemented will be fully disclosed. Finally, the Risk Management Plan will include Control Measure implementation directions.

When developing both your MOP and your Risk Management Plan, you need to involve all stakeholders in your planning. Talk to the end user (customer) about the work you are planning. Let them know what risks may be involved. They need to be able to express their concerns and any special requirements. Also, talk to the individuals doing the work and express the end user’s expectations and your concerns. These individuals can often have key insights and recommendations that may further improve plans and reduce risk.

With weekend work plans that incorporate both a detailed Method of Procedure (MOP) and a Comprehensive Risk Management Plan, your Monday morning meeting should yield a pat on the back instead of an inquisition.

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