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Design of Laboratory for Analysis of DCIM Products

TechSite is serving as a consultant and engineer for the manufacturer of some of the world's leading brands of data center infrastructure equipment and monitoring systems. One of this manufacturer's newest product lines is a DCIM or Data Center Infrastructure Management system. In order to fully evaluate and test this system, they wish to have a laboratory that is constructed similarly to a typical data center. Within this facility, the owner will run controlled experiments, modifying heat loads and load locations/row configurations and evaluating the performance of their DCIM product. TechSite has been selected to work with them to design this laboratory.

Upon completion of this project, the owner will have a room that is initially configured for chilled water-based, underfloor supplied cooling. It will have redundant UPS power distribution available throughout. TechSite will work with the owner to create a growth path so that additional power capacity and alternate types of cooling systems, such as high density and economizers, can be installed in the future.

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