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Jim Schrader Presents at Industry Conference

On November 14, 2012, Jim Schrader co-presented with John Berendzen of Fox Architects at the Data Center Users Group (DCUG) meeting in Orlando Florida. The topic of the presentation was 'Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Versus Data Center Best Practices'. TechSite and Fox have collaborated on multiple projects including a recent LEED Gold certified data center.

Part of the presentation focused on the fact that the very existence of data centers promotes the 'green' initiative. Operations that can only occur in data centers save millions of trees and avoid billions of tons of green house gases through on-line banking. Technology in the medical field saves tons of paper records and eliminates toxic chemicals associated with x-rays. The presenters gave other examples of how data centers save resources and eliminate pollutants.

The second part of the presentation provided information regarding the LEED process. There are elements of LEED that are completely compatible with data center best practices. Examples include site protection, waste collection and recycling, and commissioning. The team pointed out examples of potential conflicts that are LEED-suggested design elements, such as parking under the data center space, vegetative roofs, and the selection of a potentially less secure location if situating the project in a high population density area. The presentation concluded with examples of cutting edge concepts for energy saving and greening of your data centers.

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