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Jackie Kershaw and Frank Jenkins Present at the Lima 2015 Tech Conference

April 16, 2015- TechSite’s Vice President, Jackie Kershaw and Senior Electrical Engineer Frank Jenkins co-presented at the LRITA 2015 Tech Conference in Lima Ohio. The session explored Arc Flash, OSHA Requirements and the Effect on Data Centers. In addition, the presentation described the electrical risks that occur with energized work and outline the current NFPA requirements.

Frank Jenkins and Jackie Kershaw have been ‘in the trenches’ for many years experiencing the rapidly changing field of computer room infrastructure trends and standards. From ‘soldier alignment’ to ‘hot aisle/cold aisle’, from single corded to three corded to dual corded, from data rooms that felt like refrigerators to rooms with outside air cooling, uncontrolled humidity and throw-away servers, they’ve either evaluated, designed and/or installed it. These are a few reasons why Jackie Kershaw and Frank Jenkins were ideal speakers for this presentation at the 2015 Tech Conference.

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