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High Rise Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade

TechSite is working with Mid-City Electric to upgrade the electrical infrastructure for a high rise office building on the campus of an information services organization in Columbus. The building was constructed more than 30 years ago and has a distribution system that has seen minimal upgrades over the years. With a penthouse-mounted double ended substation and an associated campus loop power system, the real challenge of the project will be minimizing the impact of the upgrade process for the building occupants.

TechSite has worked closely with Mid-City to develop a design which calls for installation of a new substation prior to deactivation of the existing one. A series of scheduled outages will be planned for weekends, coordination of which will be enhanced by the close working relationship that exists between TechSite, Mid-City and the owner. Completion of this project is exected in the fourth quarter of 2013.

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