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Generator, UPS and Cooling Containment Design Project

TechSite is serving as a consultant and engineer for a Parkersburg, West Virginia company seeking to upgrade several of their data center core infrastructure systems. Upon completion of this project, the owner will be equipped with a higher capacity redundant UPS system (going from 300 to 600 kVA) and a higher capacity generator (going from 1000 to 2000 kW). In the main data center facility, a new cold aisle containment system is being designed for their existing computer rack rows. This will improve the thermal performance in their cold aisles and allow the owner to increase power densities in the racks.

TechSite has worked closely with both the facility owner and the building landlord to design systems that will fit in existing utility spaces. This objective was assisted greatly by the fact that TechSite was involved in past renovations in the main electrical room and the UPS Room. Space had been specifically reserved for the equipment being installed as part of the current project.

The cold aisle containment system will be built up to the acoustical ceiling at the owner's request. Rigid plastic panels are specified along with dual sliding doors at the end of each aisle. Aesthetics in this data center are important to the owner and TechSite has carefully specified the system to ensure an attractive and flexible product. The design will be modular and allow the owner to extend the rows and add/delete racks within rows by utilizing the labor of their own personnel.

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