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First Responder Service for Central Ohio Data Center

A Central Ohio company, headquartered in Hilliard, OH, has engaged TechSite to provide monitoring services of their main data center in Hilliard and satellite data centers across the US and has also engaged TechSite to provide “First Responder” alarm response and critical system repair services.

The company had limited alarming of critical equipment failures that was reporting through an antiquated modem system. These limited information alarms were sent to the company’s personnel, who, due to their relative inexperience in data center critical systems maintenance, were not always able to provide proper and timely response to these alarms. In addition, a number of critical equipment parameters at the main data center and most critical equipment at satellite facilities received no monitoring at all. This lack of monitoring and expertise lead to instances of alarm situations not receiving proper and timely response.

TechSite specified and installed a Liebert® NFormTM monitoring system to monitor their critical data center infrastructure. Equipment being monitored include a generator, automatic transfer switch (ATS), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), fire panel, and computer room air conditioning equipment (CRACs). This equipment is monitored 24 hours a day. The alarms are sent to trained and qualified TechSite personnel who determine the severity of the alarm, the proper response, and implement the necessary repairs. After the issue has been resolved, TechSite provides a detailed report to the customer’s management. This report details what happened, when it happened, and how TechSite resolved the issue. This has greatly improved the response time and response action to the customer’s alarm situations.

Besides monitoring and responding to the customers headquarters in Hilliard, OH. TechSite also monitors and coordinate responses to several company’s remote sites. These sites include Findlay and London, Ohio; Franklin, Tennessee; and Vancouver, Washington. When TechSite receives alarms from one of these sites they promptly coordinate a response. TechSite setup a network of local vendors to respond and assist in resolving any issues that occur.

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