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Does Your Design/Build Team Have Experience In Mission Critical Spaces?

You have finally received approval to move forward and perform your mission critical facility upgrade project. You have spent years developing the design requirements and getting approval from management for your project. Now it is time to select the best team to perform the work. Do you select a team that is a design/build generalist or do you select a team that specializes in designing and building mission critical spaces?

Firms that design and build all-purpose buildings are great at what they do. They produce some wonderful projects. But do they understand the need to keep dirt and dust to a minimum while working in a mission critical space?   When building an office space, dirt and dust can be a nuisance. In a data center, dirt and dust can cost a company millions of dollars in ruined equipment and downtime.

When building a retail space, precise temperature control isn’t critical. If the retail space’s temperature goes outside the optimal range, the employees or customers may feel some discomfort, but that is the extent of the damage. If the temperature becomes too high in a mission critical space, computer equipment may begin to shut down or be damaged.

The loss of power during the construction of a home may cause the home owner to miss their favorite day time soap opera. The loss of power during a construction project involving a computer room could result in the computer room shutting down. If your data center shuts down, that could cost your company millions of dollars in lost revenue.

While selecting your design/build team, you need to be certain they know the special needs of mission critical facilities. They must know the importance of dirt and dust containment, temperature regulation, and the criticality of maintaining power to the facility. Does your design/build team understand the particular requirements of planning a critical space? Are they performing critical work without having a detailed method of procedure that lists every step required to perform the work?

There are many great design/build teams out there doing great work. Just make sure when you are selecting the design/build team for your mission critical facility project that yours is not their first mission critical project. You need to look for a partner that has many years of experience working in a mission critical facility.

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