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Data Center Cooling Upgrade and Commissioning

TechSite is the engineer for a Parkersburg, West Virginia company that is upgrading the cooling systems in their data center. This project includes replacement of four 20 ton air conditioning units with new 30 ton units.  The new ones are networked together so they can function as a team rather than 5 individual units. The temperature control for the new systems is also determined by server inlet temperatures versus return air temperature. The combination of these devices along with new cold aisle containment will provide the facility with conditioned air delivered to the critical locations in a very efficent, redundant and reliable fashion.  Additionally the new equipment may permit the customer to deactivate some of the remaining older cooling systems, directly lowering their energy costs.

TechSite is creating test scripts to verify the performance of the new cooling systems. Upon completion of installation, a team of TechSite engineers will use these scripts to perform a set of commissioning and thermal performance studies verifying the operation of the units.  Since the new infrastructure is in a working data center, tests will be planned to minimize any operational risk while providing the customer with useful baseline performance data.

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